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The need to have tree felling Irene removed (felled) on your property may have many motivations – damage to irrigation systems and concrete structures, obscuring the position for water well installations and most often, the building of a home structure such as garages and pools or tree care services in Irene.

The correct working techniques in tree felling Irene are essential. Not only to create a safe working environment, but also to protect property and bystanders from injury and damage.

When it comes to tree removal Irene by using a chainsaw, preparation is key. Any major obstacles – such as overhead lines, roads or buildings – need to be considered within the area. Tree removal is a huge and serious exercise best left to licensed professionals with the correct tools and know-how for Tree Stump Grinding.

Tree feller Irene
Tree feller Irene

One of the best times to remove trees or tree stump removal in Irene is during the dormant season, between late winter and early spring. Dormant trees are leafless and lighter, so it’s much easier for a certified arborist to cut and handle the trunk and branches.

Tree pruning Irene and water wells have something of a fatal attraction. Trees need water to uptake for their survival and water wells are designed to capture and hold water. Even the most strongly constructed well can have problems with obstructing roots. Your well should be inspected, if you believe it has tree roots in it. If the structure is cracked or compromised, you will need to construct a new one. Also check the pump. If the tree roots are obstructing the intake lines you can use a plumbing snake or compressed air to remove them.

Consider it a deeply rooted survival instinct: Tree roots seek water. It’s what they do. So planting water-loving trees close to septic or water lines—including wells—can end up causing grief to the well-meaning homeowner intending only to add shade or otherwise improve the landscape. Avoid planting large shade trees, roots of which often extend as far underground as aboveground vegetation, and trees noted for invasive or aggressive water-seeking roots or you may need palm tree removals Irene.

Tree felling Irene around a swimming pool can really make your pool pop; but plants and trees need to be chosen carefully. Trees with lots of ‘leaf litter’, excessive pollen, berries or budding debris can cause extra work for you and your pool filter.

Trees with extensive root systems can damage pool walls or pool plumbing (see the comments section). And cute little trees that grow into large monsters can block the sun’s warmth, or block the sight and sounds of the pool, which can be unsafe.

Many pool guys will say “the best trees for a pool… are no trees at all”. But that’s not always realistic, or desirable in most cases.

It is a criminal offence to cut down, top, lop, uproot, wilfully damage or wilfully destroy a protected tree species or to cause or permit such actions without the authority’s permission. If the tree in your garden can be seen and therefore enjoyed by the public it could potentially have a removal restriction placed upon it. Your professional tree felling company in Irene will be able to advise you on the best regulated way forward.